Our company provides top quality environmental consulting such as environmental audits, risk analysis, and environmental outsourcing. We are professionals in hydrology, carry out hydrological researches, and are specialists in protection of water sources. We provide complex solutions for environmental load including contamination research and remediation work. We are G-Consult.



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Complex geologic services anywhere in the CR

Our services cover the whole Czech Republic and we can process or arrange almost anything in our field. We are one of the most significant Czech experts not only in geology but also in other related fields. Our company also collaborates with external suppliers to ensure maximum quality and effectiveness of our projects.

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We meet your deadlines

Thanks to our big, permanent and flexible team we are able to finish all your projects in time. In case of a sudden illness of an employee or other trouble, his/her colleagues are always competent to complete his/her work. We are never late and we always meet a deadline.


Experience and reliability as the most important values

Some of our employees have already been working in the field about 20 or 30 years. They have much experience with various projects (including those of foreign clients) and are aware of importance we attach to reliability and professionalism. They share their experience with younger co-workers and thus create a strong and professional team.

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